Sounds of the night is a collection of photographs where I envision a place for “feeling” in photography. It inspired from a short essay written by the late Ethiopian author Mesfin Habtemariam titled Yelelit Dimtsoch, Sounds of the night where he list down the sounds one is accustomed to at night but may not necessarily notice.

In my own house, these sounds vary from dogs barking, frogs croaking or Mesjids and churches providing service. These sounds that I’m very much accustomed to can be a lot of discomfort while I’m at home but the same sounds leave me with a sense of familiarity and solace when I came across them far away from home.

I photographed this collection through the bizarre reflection created by the light and the relationship of comfort/discomfort created by the spider web to symbolize the mystery and mundaneness of the sounds at night that seldom gets noticed.

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